Uniting, Equipping & Activating the Body of Christ to Transform Yakima Together
Transform Yakima Together

How does the TYT Prayer App Work?

We are using the proven powerful 1Church1Day strategy to transform Yakima by inviting God’s abiding presence into our valley. There are two key components to the 1Church1Day strategy which helps transform communities around the world through prayer. The first component is when churches in a community cooperate to establish 24/7 prayer. Each church develops a prayer team which commits to cover one day each month with prayer. ​The second component is honoring local leaders and asking them to help identify what the local churches need to pray for. Get the 1Church1Day Phone App so that you access the Yakima Prayer League decrees on your phone.  

Our Mission:

  • Unite the Church from Presbyterian to Pentecostal and from Catholic to Charismatic to pray.
  • Build Jesus house of prayer for all nations.
  • Empower teams of leaders in the 7 spheres of society to develop powerful strategic prayer and action plans.

Dennis Crane Introduces the TYT App

How You Can Participate in 1Church1Day

  • Individuals help by

    Standing watch and praying with us at least one hour each month.
  • Churches/Ministries can help by:

    Organizing your people to watch and pray 24 hours one day each month.
  • Download the App

    Download the App for prayer connections at your fingertips.
  • Partner with us:

    Help us spread this powerful transformative strategy around the world!

Download the App

Transform Yakima Together Prayer App    

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